ZelfevaluatieOnline for Supervisory Boards

It is good practice for the Supervisory Board to evaluate itself once a year. ZelfevaluatieOnline offers a survey with approximately 60 governance-compliant questions; the results are benchmarked against more than 2.000 answers given by board members from a large number of companies and organizations.

At a glance you can see the points for improvement and for a substantive dialogue about the functioning of your Board.

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Survey Corporate

In addition to the questionnaire based on the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, a number of sector-specific questionnaires have now been developed: for the Healthcare sector, the Education sector and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. These sector-specific surveys provide good coverage of the topics covered in the sector code and related practice.

Survey Health Sector
Survey Education
Survey Caribbean

If you need more information about the use of these sector-specific surveys, click here: Contact

Why should we choose ZelfevaluatieOnline?


  • Governance-compliant
  • Compact questionnaire
  • Quick insight and quick wins


  • Completely online
  • Concise process
  • Short lead time


  • Unique login
  • Secured server
  • Anonymity assured


  • Clear report
  • How do you perform
  • Compared to benchmark

Quick wins

  • Enligthening
  • In-depth
  • Improvement

Facilitator (optional)

  • External facilitator
  • Directs the evaluation meeting
  • Formulates points of action


Self-evaluation according to your own preferences

You can carry out the self-assessment entirely your own way for a fixed price of € 2.745,- excl. VAT. The price is per evaluation and for an unlimited number of participants. If you involve more people in the online survey, e.g. the Board of Directors or the Board Secretary, the price per participant decreases. There is no limit to the number of participants you may involve.


  • Clear report; anonymity assured
  • Including benchmark results

  • Back office support

Request the online survey directly via the buttons at the top of this web page.

Guided self-evaluation

In some cases it is advised to have an external facilitator to guide you through the self-evaluation. For instance, in case the composition of the board changes, the evaluation also marks a new start. Or, in case the chair prefers to be able to participate more freely in the evaluation. Sometimes, issues at hand demand for an external facilitator or simply because codes of conduct prescribe external facilitation for every 3rd self-evaluation. ZelfevaluatieOnline reports also ad value to in-depth interviews, the dialogue with the Advisory Board and the implementation of action points by one of our advisors. 

Ask us about the possibilities for an independent facilitation of the self-evaluation via contact.

How it works

From application to report completely online.

We take care of:

  • Invitations, reminders and closing of the survey
  • Personal report per participant, including benchmark
  • Anonymous total report for the chairperson
  • Guaranteed privacy and anonymity


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What do our customers say?

More than 2.000 supervisory board members have deployed ZelfevaluatieOnline in preparation for the annual self-assessment of their Board.

Guido van Woerkom

Multi board member

"Many Supervisory Boards search for a practical method to support the self-evaluation. In my experience ZelfevaluatieOnline has proven to be very suitable for this task. Completely online, simple to implement, insightful reports and sharply priced."

Portretfoto Guido van Woerkom

Henk W. Broeders

Mazars' Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

"ZelfevaluatieOnline offers an excellent biedt een uitstekende framework for your own evaluation process. A valuable and useful tool."

Henk W. Broeders


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